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Mad Science

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Instructor:  Margaret Liberti-Wiegert or Mad Science Staff

Mad Science encourages a child's love of STEM with fun science activities for children of all ages.  Dynamic instructors with professional lesson plans, equipment and materials bring science to life through spectacular demonstrations and exciting hands on activities.

Grades K-5
Che-Mystery – Learn about Physical and Chemical Changes.  Make your own Super Ball.

Science of Magic- Learn about the Science behind magicians and create your very own super diver to take home.

Wacky Waves-Investigate ways to clean up an oil spill and make your very own super diver to take home.

Fun-damental Forces-Find out what makes the world go around in an entertaining introduction to the basic concepts of forces.  A Gravity Game is a fun way to bring this workshop home!

Super Structures – Did you know that shapes like triangles, cylinders, and arches are best for the building of strong structures?  This course will teach children tons of useful facts regarding construction and engineering.

Fantastic Fliers- This course introduces students to the basics of flight and aerodynamics.  During this course children will explore the four forces behind aerodynamics which include lift, thrust, gravity, and drag.  In addition, the students will get to test out their own Delta Dart make-shift planes in order to learn more about the various plane designs and how they relate to the four forces.  Toward the end of the course, students will get the chance to build a Sy Hawk Foam Plane to take home

Under Pressure-an exciting immersion in the science of air pressure and Bernoulli’s principle.

Underground Explorers Camp
Grades 3-6

Each day will feature on one of the following topics:

History Hunters

We dig for dinosaurs!  We put on our paleontology hats and go looking for prehistorical treasure!  In the space of a day, we follow the million-year process that changes a creature into a fossil.  We learn the ins-and-outs of a paleontological dig and create our own 3D fossils.

Can You Dig It?

We examine bones!  There are clues in the shape, size, and scratches on the artifacts that we unearth.  We use our observational skills to piece together the puzzle and figure out what kind of animal we're examining.  We learn about bone shape and function, as well as placement.  We get to take home bones, so we can practice putting them together.

Pieces of Our Past

We investigate artifacts!  The only clues to our past are from the memories passed down as stories and from the remnants of materials that survived through the ages.  We learn about patterns of wear, and hypothesize about the use of unfamiliar items.  We get to decorate a clay pot, and use the pattern to help us reconstruct fragments of a broken pot.

Buried Stories

We study ancient civilizations!  Weather and weathering can alternatively bury and uncover societies from the past.  We learn about Pompeii and recreate the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.  We discover how certain conditions can preserve objects and help us better understand ancient cultures and historical events.


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